Making a Career Change

Recently, Linkedin notified me that I’d reached a milestone in my career. Namely, having been in my role for a certain number of years. I didn’t find that to be anything to celebrate; rather just a reminder that I have to intensify my efforts to accelerate this career transition.
I am halfway through my first year of this Instructional Design graduate program, and having just wrapped up all the year-end business details with my voiceover business, a timely reminder of just how I started this journey comes in the form of a podcast interview I had with Nicolle Merrill. In her 50 Conversations with Career Changers series you hear first-hand experiences, motivation, and advice from 50 different people to help spark YOUR career change.
In episode 15 (which happens to be my favorite number), I talk with Nicolle about the process I undertook to initiate changing careers, how my experience and strengths play into choosing a new career path, and considerations as a mid-career professional.
Shout to my career coach Sherry Sims with Black Career Women’s Network, and all the talented, helpful, and encouraging instructional design, learning and development, and voiceover professionals that took the time to speak with me. Thanks to Nicolle, for inviting me to share my story, which I hope you find informative and useful for when it is YOUR time to make a change in your career!
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