This career change thing is getting real! After I completed my first graduate degree I said I would NEVER do this again, but here goes…

I’ll be starting the Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology at Georgia State University this fall. Consider it my next and most “formal” step towards becoming a Learning and Development professional. The latest step of this career change journey, which began with finding a career coach, soliciting peer feedback, informational interviews with instructional designers, and lots of LinkedIn Learning courses on agile design, facilitation, gamification, measuring learning effectiveness, and storyboarding.

Oh…and then there’s this #Voiceover hobby I’ve picked up — rather, decided to take seriously — as a way of expanding my learning and development skill set.

I am super excited! I am also anxious about managing balance; with full-time work, building my voiceover business, eldercare and family responsibilities, and thorough self-care for my health and well-being. Some of this will be lifted as I get this website together, and arrange my home office, put together a voice booth — all tangential things that have been on my to-do list, seemingly forever.

I have this summer. Here’s to being productive. To being mindful. To being focused. Classes begin in just about 3 months!!

..:: More to Come ::..

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